Wildlife Protection

FKL currently operates 26 Wildlife Protection Teams across the 2.2 million hectares of the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh Province. Each teams consists of 5 members (4 members are FKL ranger and one government ranger), patrolling for at least 15 days every month to collect data on wildlife presence, assist wildlife surveys, dismantle snares, and become ambassadors for their communities to protect the forest. Since FKL rangers were formed in 2014 to protect key areas of the Leuser Ecosystem, FKL rangers have dismantled over 5000 snares. As recent as 2018, rangers dismantled more than 800 snares in the Leuser Ecosystem.

26 Wildlife Patrol Teams monitor the Leuser Ecosystem for 15 days evert month to destroy snares and protect wildlife habitat. (Credit: Junaidi Hanafiah)