Restoring Forest in a Palm Oil Plantation in Subulussalam

In 2019, FKL together with KPH and local communities succeeded in carrying out restoration through palm oil site clearing in the Soraya area, Subulussalam. The area has experienced forest damage due to encroachment of palm oil plantations in the Protected Forest area. Through this, the land is now in the process of recovery. Finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel after all these efforts, some endemic plants begin to grow back through a natural regeneration process. It is expected this forest will fully recover so that it can become a secondary forest, a home for animals in the future and a protector for the surrounding community.

In addition, FKL also carries out restoration activities by planting seeds of non-timber forest products, such as fruits, honey, medicinal plants, and so on. In the July 2020 period, the FKL restoration team had the opportunity to restore an area that was previously an illegal oil palm plantation. The total number of seeds planted in the area is 845, with many types of plants. In the future, the FKL restoration team will continue to supervise the development of the conservation area, and  be able to protect the surrounding human and wildlife.

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