Leuser Conservation Forum (Forum Konservasi Leuser – FKL) is an Aceh-based non-profit organisation aims to conserve and protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh province from imminent threats. The Leuser Ecosystem is globally important, and it is the last place on earth where orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants roam together in the wild. It is also a crucial water source for more than 4 million people living around it, as well as its other ecosystem services. FKL works with local communities and government institutions to implement its programs, ranging from Wildlife Protection rangers protecting the Leuser Ecosystem for at least 15 days every month to increasing research and knowledge about Leuser Ecosystem to community-based restoration programs.

Firstly established in 2013 by Rudi Putra, FKL has grown in the number of staff and expanding various projects that aims to protect the forest and wildlife of the Leuser Ecosystem, collaborating with local government authorities to achieve their goals, as well as working with local communities to achieve better livelihoods through alternative source of economy from protecting the forests. Through thorough implementation of the programs, FKL hopes that the Leuser Ecosystem will be protected and its benefits can be felt by not just local communities, but also Indonesia and the world.

The Leuser Ecosystem is ancient ecosystem located in Aceh and North Sumatra province, and its ecosystem services are crucial for Aceh and the world. (Junaidi Hanafiah/FKL)