The Leuser Ecosystem

The Leuser Ecosystem spans the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Over 35 times the size of Singapore, this majestic and ancient ecosystem covers more than 2.6 million hectares of lowland rainforests, peat swamps, montane and coastal forests and alpine meadows.

Globally recognized as one of the richest expanses of tropical rainforest found anywhere in Southeast Asia, the Leuser Ecosystem is also one of Asia’s largest carbon sinks.

What We Do

Wildlife Protection

FKL operates 26 Wildlife Protection Teams across the Leuser Ecosystem, patrolling 15 days every month tasked to protect key wildlife habitats and dismantle snares.


Restoration is a key aspect of FKL’s work in the Leuser Ecosystem, and plans to restore crucial areas such as wildlife corridors to ensure the future of the species are intact.

Research and Monitoring Station

The Leuser Ecosystem complex ecosystem and rich biodiversity is nature’s gift to the world and is one of the best places to conduct research.


Communities experience the biggest impact from environmental loss and disasters, thus it is crucial to empower them to protect the forest.

Forest Monitoring

Forests nearby settlements are very prone to illegal forestry activities because of the ease of access, thus a need to increase monitoring presence in the area is important.

Wildlife Conflict

Human-wildlife conflict occurs very often, and mitigating the impact of the incidents will benefit both human and wildlife.

Latest News

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Restoring Forest in a Palm Oil Plantation in Subulussalam

In 2019, FKL together with KPH and local communities succeeded in carrying out restoration through palm oil site clearing in the Soraya area, Subulussalam. The area has experienced forest damage due to encroachment of palm ...
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Facing the Human-Wildlife Conflict in Leuser Ecosystem amid Pandemic

Leuser Ecosystem is a home for millions of wildlife, including hundreds of endangered species. To save these magnificent creatures, we form a strong team that strive to save these wildlife, even in difficult situations due ...
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Lowongan Pekerjaan – Technical Assistant Monitoring dan Evaluasi

Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL) bersama mitra-mitra nasional mendukung Pemerintah Aceh Timur membangun Suaka Badak Sumatera (SRS) sebagai upaya melindungi populasi Badak Sumatera yang terancam punah. Kawasan Ekosistem Leuser adalah salah satu lanskap di Sumatera dimana ...
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Since 2014, FKL has worked extensively to cut illegal oil palms, restore, and dismantle snares in the Leuser Ecosystem